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Therapeutic Entertainment for Business People

Sep 2, 2019

Season IV. Ep. 3 – Relationships are at the heart of every business. Most business leaders know this. But what helps sustain an organization beyond leadership are tasks and processes – systems. Many times leaders will rely more on one than the other, usually the one with which they are most comfortable. When this occurs, it creates imbalance. As a result, the working environment is not as fruitful as it could be.

In our third episode of Season 4, we will find out why, and what leaders can do about it to be the necessary change. And for this episode we welcome Sheri Traxler – Speaker and Personal Health Coach who serves business owners and executives to help overcome their frustrations with “not having enough energy,” concerns about health issues, and their struggles with weight management. Our topic of conversation is defining the balance between relationships and tasks.


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